Written Test Scheduled for the Post of Junior Assistant under Commissioner of Industries & Commerce’s Assam

Written Test Scheduled for the Post of Junior Assistant under Commissioner of Industries & Commerce’s Assam

It is for general information to all the candidates who have applied for the post of
Junior Assistant in the office of Commissioner of Industries & Commerce’s Assam, Guwahati against an advertisement published in The Assam Tribune & Asomia Pratidin on 19th December 2015 that the written test will be held on 31st December 2016 at 11-00 AM in the following Examination Centers:
Venue: Guwahati Commerce College, R.G.Barooah Road Chandmari,Guwahati
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AA0001- AA0011, AA0013- AA0098
AA0100- AA0207, AA0209- AA0373 
AA0375- AA0381, AA0383- AA0490
AA0492- AA0507, AA0509- AA0513
AA0515- AA0558, AA0560- AA0732
AA0734- AA0803, AA0805- AA0818
AA0820- AA0855, AA0857- AA0900

Venue: B. Borooah College, B Baruah Road, Guwahati
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AA1051- AA1057, AA1059- AA1087
AA1089- AA1111, AA1113-AA1150 
AB0001- AB0286, AB0288- AB0302
AB0304- AB0391, AB0393- AB0457
AB0459- AB0700

Venue: Cotton College, Pan Bazar, Guwahati.
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AB0701- AB0812, AB0814- AB0882 
AB0884- AB0930, AB0932- AB0992 
AB0994- AB1050, AC0001- AC0010
AC0012- AC0061, AC0063- AC0209
AC0211- AC0371, AC0373- AC0400

Venue: Assam Engineering Institute, Chandmari,Guwahati.
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AD0201- AD0248, AD0250- AD0391
AD0393- AD0429, AD0431- AD0500
AD0502- AD0564, AD0566- AD0613
AD0615- AD0626 & AD0628
AD0630- AD0683, AD0685- AD0690
AD0692- AD0794, AD0796- AD0798
AD0800- AD0861, AD0864- AD0878
AD0890- AD0900

Venue: Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Narangi,Guwahati.
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AA0901- AA0945, AA0947-AA0969
AA0971- AA0993, AA0995- AA1012 
AA1014- AA1019, AA1021- AA1028
AB1051- AB1066, AB1151-AB1162
AC1001- AC1033, AC1035- AC1041
AD0901- AD0958 & AD0960
AD0962- AD1016, AD1018- AD1099

Venue: Arya Vidyapeeth College, Gopiath Nagar,Sarapbhattie, Guwahati-16
Time: 10-30 AM
Roll No:
AC0401- AC0505, AC0507- AC0573
AC0575- AC0627, AC0629- AC0698
AC0700- AC0701, AC0703- AC0789
AC0791- AC0809, AC0811- AC0839
AC0941- AC0951, AC0953- AC1000
AD0001-AD0020, AD0022- AD0033
AD0036- AD0087, AD0089- AD0161
AD0163- AD0166, AD0168- AD0200

• The written Test will start from 11-00 AM, candidates should reach the examination center half hour before commence of the exam.
• Candidates should bring black ball point pen.
• Candidates must bring their Admit Card / Acknowledgement receipt (which was issued at the time of submission of application with photograph) and should produce the same before Hall in-charge of the Examination Centre.
• No Mobile phone, Calculators, books etc will be allowed in the examination hall.
• Missing Roll No mentioned above are rejected due to over age and under qualification
• Candidates not fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per the advertisement (i.e. under age,over age or not having the requisite qualification if detected afterward) will be summarily rejected even after appearing in the written exam.

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